Xiaoma Index E-Commerce Management pricing

E-Commerce Price Control

Disorderly price

Dealers conduction of internet selling at lower price than guiding price by brands or manufacturers has a huge impact on the brand owner of whole price system, and seriously disrupts the original dealer system. In order to quick return and small margins merchants sell at low-price of branded products , but once the sales manner has bloomed, it would be result in a vicious price war among businesses, damaged the profit of brand owner, have a heavy blow on cooperation initiative between dealers and brand owners, and bring out doubts from new agents and declining brand vitality.


  • By XiaoMa e-commercial price control platform to examine the brand in whole network of channels, the corresponding market data analysis and diagnosis report can be offered.
  • In XiaoMa e-commercial price control platform, it can be timely monitoring of products online channel sales price, timely feedback merchants who sale at below the guidance price;
  • To identify and classify low-priced illegal goods and to deal with and punish them in sort in an effective way;
  • To delete and remove low-priced illegal goods and let the brand online price system go well.

Fleeing products & parallel imports

Fleeing products mean that products aren’t purchased accord to the provision channel of brand owner in distribution network due to all levels of the dealers and agents, branches and others driven by interests and make the distribution of products across regional and across channel sales. As a result of chaos of goods channel, the product price system is damaged, the interests of the merchants was emptied and the dealer would lose heart for the product and brand , and the enthusiasm of dealers would be dampen. Therefore there aren’t high-quality distributors hindered brand development;

Fleeing products phenomenon caused price confusion and blocked channels is a serious threat to the brand of intangible assets and the normal operation of enterprises. When the market order was disrupted, all kinds of fake and parallel imports would begin to flood in the market and then consumers would lose trust in the brand.


  • By XiaoMa e-commercial price control platform to examine the brand in whole network of channels, the corresponding market data analysis and diagnosis report can be offered;
  • By XiaoMa control price it can be offered related solution, operational recommendations to apply the service;
  • Tracking the source of fleeing products & parallel imports and getting purchase evidence of related illegal store.

Unauthorized sales

Unauthorized sales refers to that sales aren’t pre-approved by the brand owner and individuals or companies set up online shop to sell privately; offline dealers without permission to sell in the online shop is also one of unauthorized sales. Unauthorized sales to reduce the enthusiasm of authorized online businesses lead to online authorized dealers complain, undermine the balance of interests of dealers disordered balance of the two channels; unauthorized shops dumping products would have severely damaged brand price system.


  • By XiaoMa control price to examine the brand online channel, the list of unauthorized shops can be offered;
  • According to the channel examining report, to work out channel control annual plan;
  • To Collectively deal with online unauthorized illegal shops;
  • To help brand owner get Qualified shops negotiated into the regular group.

Fake goods& imitation goods

Fake goods refers to sales without authorization of the brand owner, no formal channels of purchase, manufactured by a seller in private, to borrow brand awareness, reputation, sales and peddling of substandard quality and unqualified products. Inferior products make the quality not to be guaranteed; it makes negative impact and loses confidence for the brand after consumers bought; it seriously affects the brand image, is shorten the brand vitality, and has a significant impact for the development of the brand.


  • By the system of XiaoMa Control Price, blacklist of illegal shops can be offered;
  • And to select out Anti-counterfeiting shops negotiated the two sides with the brand owner;
  • XiaoMa Control Price through the purchase of goods identifies the fake goods and then complains the shop;
  • After checked by Tao Bao, the shop would seriously deduct the marks and even be closed.

Intellectual property

Taobao intellectual property can be divided into trademark infringement, copyright infringement and patent infringement. It refers to behaviors that the brand of the unauthorized brand owner thefts the trademark for sales products, theft brand flagship official website of picture text and video for their own product links and product appearance patents, utility model patents, invention patent.
Disrupting sales volume of the brand flagship has a serious impact on brand image and reduces conversion rate; it has harmed the interests of regular distributors, so that their loyalty and activity has decreased in result of brand stagnation and no profit.


  • By XiaoMa e-commercial price control platform to examine the brand in whole network of channels, the corresponding market data analysis and diagnosis report can be offered.
  • By the intellectual property system of XiaoMa control price, it can monitor and collect the online situation of the brand;
  • Through the system of automatically identified the type of violation, customer service can quickly improve the handling of complaints.