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E-Commerce Price Control

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E-Commerce Management Pricing System

Xiaoma E-Commerce Managing Pricing Modules

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    Xiaoma E-Commerce Management pricing
    Monitor daily sales information of company and dealer eCommerce shop and give warning and report if price violation is found.

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    Xiaoma E-Commerce Management pricing
    Find and restrain timely if slashing price promotion of dealer shop within short time in one day comes out illergally (price back to normal level soon).

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    Xiaoma E-Commerce Management pricing
    Monitor the sales of company and dealer in Tmall, Taobao and track the price data and restrain timely if a huge upsurge in sales appears in one shop or surge in reviews on other platforms and find the shop-have an impact on company overall sales with falling prices illegally.

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    Xiaoma E-Commerce Management pricing
    Monitor the company's new and judge whether pricing, channel and promotion are reasonable and whether the price, promotion and channel strategy are needed to adjust through the sales on Tmall, Taobao and reviews on other platforms.

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    Xiaoma E-Commerce Management pricing
    Monitor all E-commerce platforms to find the shop selling at low prices for a long period and restrain timely, such as unauthorized dealer, is very likely with fake and fleeing goods.

  • 6

    Xiaoma E-Commerce Management pricing
    Monitor the issue of out-of-stocks in company and dealer e-commerce shop for the fluctuations rule of sales and supply and arrange for supply rationally

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    Xiaoma E-Commerce Management pricing
    Monitor the price, sales and review of competitors on e-commerence platform and compare with the data of the same period of relevant products in company.

  • 8

    Xiaoma E-Commerce Management pricing
    Continuously monitor the price, sales and reviews of competitors and find the fluctuation of peaks and valleys, analysis the reason behind and compare with sales fluctuation in company.

Xiaoma E-commerce

Monitor products selling price on every network channel for merchant and give an alarm timely if it lower than market price for monitoring network channel price system effectively.

Professional Intellectual property Team

Xiaoma network pricing system assembles the most exceptional experts talented in e-commerce manage pricing and right protection and most customers are leading brand companies in business.

Improve Channel Control Solution

Xiaoma network pricing system with 10 years experiences on e-commerce managment services and Taobao Intellectual property business, commits to provide overall managing solution of disorderly price and fake goods for the brands.

One to One Consultative Service

Xiaoma E-Commerce pricing tool provide customers with high end one to one consultative service and 24/7 customer-tradcing process.


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